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For many men potency are simply just that want to try. However, this does not need it, and just as little does it then also. Because Viagra without prescription can only unfold its effect in men with erectile dysfunction (impotence), if this is not present, then can save that Person the money. As a result, the man can not stay longer or no longer aroused, he is in the Sex, not better. But the active ingredient is viagra 50 mg or 100 mg of active ingredient only helps men to have normal sexual intercourse.

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For this purpose, still of the sexual stimulus is needed, because only through this, the messenger cGMP can be released. This is the responsibility of the muscles in the Penis will be relaxed, and blood circulation. The outer signs of this is the increased of the Penis and stiffened. Now this is ready for sexual intercourse - Buy generic viagra online ! Also in the case of men with impotence may extend up to this step, everything is normal. But then the enzyme PDE-5 is released too early. This is the responsibility of the the Penis after intercourse returns to normal. This enzyme is released too early, then there may be no Sex. Right here the active ingredient Sildenafil is now in use. Because of this inhibits the PDE-5 and thus, a normal sexual intercourse is possible again. This is just only one tablet of Viagra a day.

Timely treatment is recommended

Since Viagra is a tablet, it needs a certain amount of time until the active ingredient in the body. The recommendation is that this an hour before the sexual intercourse. Thereafter, the active ingredient of up to 6 hours in the body is present and can then be used anytime a sexual intercourse.

In men not impotence nothing, except perhaps the minor side effects happen to suffer at all. This can also occur in men with erectile dysfunction, and possible can discomfort, headaches or even digestive problems, but only temporarily. At the latest, when the active substance is in the body is available. However, these tablets must not be taken by men with certain medications. Often medications with nitrates are prescribed in a heart attack or venous narrowing. Here it can come in the same way as with drugs like Poppers to a dangerous interaction. This leads to the blood pressure drops, this may become life threatening. Excessive alcohol consumption should be avoided, but a glass of wine or beer can still be enjoyed.

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Many men do not want to go to a local pharmacy to buy the blue tablet. This is also understandable, because it might catch a neighbor. When it comes to the potency, some men still have a setting such as USA. If this is not available, or only available to a limited extent, then this man is at the mercy of the laughing-stock of his friends. Therefore, many men torture themselves for years with this Problem, instead of talking, maybe even with your doctor.

However, those who cannot purchase Viagra online and sildenafil often, a sudden smile of happiness. In India began producing generic Viagra and Sildenafil. The price of these drugs was below the cost almost five times, but their effect is the same effective. Now men all over the world has acquired almost a panacea for erectile dysfunction. Better-off citizens absolutely do not worry about how much is sildenafil at the pharmacy, they just buy it. Less wealthy men use generics.

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